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November 05, 2008


Paul Bamborough

in political war, the first casualty is truth. Nice to see it alive and kicking at the end of the battle. Cheers Adam


You are right. In a world where getting pissed is at a phone's distance from making an ass of yourself on YouTube, are we ever going to feel safe again? Or should we just give up drinking?
This is no joke. Let's ponder what this can lead us to in the long run. We are now so exposed to everybody else as people have never been in their history. We can officially say the era of estrangement is over; we are now in the era of instant fame and recognition. Does that mean that over time people become more open and honest, as they begin to understand that increasingly nothing they do will remain private? What will be the next step? With honesty increasing, will shame become a distant memory? Will this destroy existing moral norms? How long before that happens?

Obi Wan Kenobi

Politics and heavy drinking - happy bedfellows.
This man is a hero.


Seriously? We've been doing it sober here.



I believe the correct phrase is "OMG".


All too often, though, it does not work that way. A shame, really.

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