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November 26, 2006



That is why I am not able to access nazret.com for a long. My bad... I should have known/expected this before. What a non confident government is it? Shame, shame..... Thanks buddy for revealing this to others and being a voice for the voiceless.

Anyways, this year\'s great run was what most people called kind of \'the Addis Ababans bought thier right to protest against the killer meles with their 35 birr\'

Freedom to the Opressed!

God bless Abissinians!


What a brilliant news to hear, it truly make my day. This sort of news needs encouragement. It is time for us to wake up in unity and inform the devil so called Meles Zenawi to stop sipping innocent Ethiopian blood. All Ethiopians who live abroad must support the voice that sparked in our nation today. Yes, it’s time to destroy the devil off the face of earth.

Love, Peace, unity and long life to all Ethiopians!!!!
Death to Meles Zenawi and his regime!!!!
Power to My people!!!!

Inde Hewan

Dear Mark,
I have noticed that your identity is unhidden on your site. Please be careful as any blogger in Ethiopia, whether foreigner or not, is under threat of retaliation by the government if they contribute blogs critical of the government. Since you are apparently new to the country, you may not be aware of that.

Please stay safe in your short visit of the country.

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